Tuesday, October 06, 2009

surprise, 278/365

surprise, 278/365, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

I was extremely pleased and excited to come home to find this package of notebooks in my mailbox. They're from Karen Doherty of Exaclair, which distributes Quo Vadis, Rhodia, and Exacompta (among others) in the US. This is my chance to try - and review - some books not available in Canada - or at least, not in this form. I spend a lot of time writing, for personal reasons, work, and school, so I'm always looking for tools that are enjoyable and easy to work with. In this case, those preferred tools are fountain pens and good paper, with some paint, pencil and crayon thrown in as needed.

Many thanks to Karen, and also to Stephanie of Rhodia Drive for giving me the chance to try these out. Stephanie is the queen of notebook reviews, and I hope I'll be able to write something half as useful!

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