Wednesday, October 28, 2009

out of the stone age

out of the stone age, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

we have joined the 20th century - or, wait, is it the 21st? Vexed at last with crappy cable choices, Tim broke down and ordered satellite TV. I hardly watch TV at all, not because I am philosophically opposed to it or virtuous in any way, I just can't find anything I want to watch. This feels very decadent to me - my family didn't have cable TV growing up; we had two and a half channels (four on a really good day and the wind blowing in the right direction) and Tim didn't even have *live* TV when he was young - they had to truck in tapes to Prince Rupert so that the hockey games were a week late by the time you watched them. So we are quite agog at the possibilities.

Of most relevance to me: I get more knitting done if I have something to watch on TV. With the coming need to wear more wool (and children having outgrown mittens, etc), this is good timing. That is, if someone else operates the blasted remote control for me so I can keep my hands on the needles.

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