Friday, April 28, 2006

because I have a memory like a sieve

I finished the first Sixth sense sock this morning, and it fits my daughter perfectly. Yay! Now to go on to the second one. But in case I forget how, this is my note to self:

Cast on 54 stitches, and right away put 24 stitches on one needle for the instep and 30 for the heel on the other (well, the other side of the Magic Loop, in any case).
Establish ribbing with p1, then k4, p2 as written, ending with p1.

Knit short row heel was knit as directed over 30 stitches instead of the 36 called for, then re-established in the round. Knit down to 8 unwrapped stitches before beginning the increases.

My math failed me when it came to the toe decreases :) so instead I rearranged my stitches to have 28 each needle. I did a decrease round with every knit round (k12, SSK, etc), purled even, till I, I think 16 stitches each side. Then I decreased every round using SSP on the purl round.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ribby cardigan

Ribby cardigan
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I finished this a few weeks ago - basically, it was knit between exam #2 and exam #3 for one of my courses, so a little less than four weeks total knitting. I put the zipper in a week or so later.

I had been looking for a sweater I could knit from the Mission Falls wool I bought on sale at my LYS when we all thought this yarn was being discontinued.

I didn't have enough of one colour for an entire sweater, so the two-toned Ribby Cardi seemed like a good solution. I really like the way the denim blue, spruce, and gold work together.

I love wearing this sweater - it's smooth and comfy in the Mission Falls superwash, and the pattern was very clear and well written.

pattern: Chicknits Ribby Cardi
yarn: Mission Falls 1824 superwash denim, spruce, and dijon
needles: 7 Boye, 8 addi circs

a fast, fun knit

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sixth sense, made kid-sensible

Sixth sense sock

"Kid sensible" is a term my son coined for short and easy to understand phrases, something I apparantly don't use very often.

In fact, Sixth Sense, from the Six Sox Knitalong, is a short, sweet, easy to memorize pattern, just what I was looking for to use some self-striping yarn I had on hand. Although I like to keep things simple for self-striping yarn, this is only slightly more complicated than 4 by 2 rib, so it doesn't get too lost in the colour changes. The pictures I've seen of this sock in striped yarn look pretty good, so I think it will work out fine in the end.

My first two tries didn't work out too well, first because I disliked the yarn, and hated the join on the 2.25 mm Inox circulars. Then changing to Regia cotton blend tip-top and a 2.5 mm Inox, the knitting itself was a good more pleasant, but it was much too large for my daughter's foot.

Third try with the Regia and the 2.5 mm needle is working better, taking out 2 pattern repeats for a 54 stitch sock. It fits perfectly now.

Picture is actually of the second try, which did fit me loosely, but I had them planned for my daughter.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Winging it

Winging it
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I'm winging this sweater. I bought a bunch of Silky Wool and couldn't find a pattern I really wanted to use for it.
So, with Priscilla Gibson Roberts "Knitting in the Old Way" (courtesy of Loretta - I owe you one, buddy!) and Ann Budd's "Handy Book of Patterns" by my side I figured out my numbers and just started knitting. Added waist shaping from Rosedale, short rows at the bust from Shapely Tank, and short rows to shape the back shoulders. I'm looking forward to trying the 3 needle bindoff, which Andrea promises me will make my life easier ;)

I'm about to split the neck and try a seed stitch placket. It's fun making things up as you go along.

pattern: in progress
yarn: Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool, cedar and rust
needles: size 6 addi circs