Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sixth sense, made kid-sensible

Sixth sense sock

"Kid sensible" is a term my son coined for short and easy to understand phrases, something I apparantly don't use very often.

In fact, Sixth Sense, from the Six Sox Knitalong, is a short, sweet, easy to memorize pattern, just what I was looking for to use some self-striping yarn I had on hand. Although I like to keep things simple for self-striping yarn, this is only slightly more complicated than 4 by 2 rib, so it doesn't get too lost in the colour changes. The pictures I've seen of this sock in striped yarn look pretty good, so I think it will work out fine in the end.

My first two tries didn't work out too well, first because I disliked the yarn, and hated the join on the 2.25 mm Inox circulars. Then changing to Regia cotton blend tip-top and a 2.5 mm Inox, the knitting itself was a good more pleasant, but it was much too large for my daughter's foot.

Third try with the Regia and the 2.5 mm needle is working better, taking out 2 pattern repeats for a 54 stitch sock. It fits perfectly now.

Picture is actually of the second try, which did fit me loosely, but I had them planned for my daughter.

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Jeanne said...

Nice sock! I have the same yarn, and was planning on starting Sixth Sense next, so I might just use the cotton yarn.