Friday, April 28, 2006

because I have a memory like a sieve

I finished the first Sixth sense sock this morning, and it fits my daughter perfectly. Yay! Now to go on to the second one. But in case I forget how, this is my note to self:

Cast on 54 stitches, and right away put 24 stitches on one needle for the instep and 30 for the heel on the other (well, the other side of the Magic Loop, in any case).
Establish ribbing with p1, then k4, p2 as written, ending with p1.

Knit short row heel was knit as directed over 30 stitches instead of the 36 called for, then re-established in the round. Knit down to 8 unwrapped stitches before beginning the increases.

My math failed me when it came to the toe decreases :) so instead I rearranged my stitches to have 28 each needle. I did a decrease round with every knit round (k12, SSK, etc), purled even, till I, I think 16 stitches each side. Then I decreased every round using SSP on the purl round.

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