This blog began as a knitting journal for my own records, that  faded somewhat upon the introduction of Ravelry, easily the best knitting and crochet community on-line. Though I still blog about some of my projects, and there are still knitting post in the archives, the majority of projects are in my Ravelry project page or at the Flickr photosets String on Sticks or C'est fini (for finished projects).

I sporadically contribute to Yogalila,  a community blog shared with some yoga friends from around the world. We apparently got a mention in Yoga Journal, which I missed since I haven't read it since they got all sexed and spa'd up. 

If you're related to me, I also keep As the crow flies, a  family blog mostly about the kids, vacation, and dogs. Pretty boring for anyone who does not share genetic material with me (and even for some who do). E-mail me for the password!

Finally, it's really right here on the blog but I'll provide a link to make it easier to find now that my kids and their cousins are doing more cooking: the family cookbook we put together years and years ago: Don't be Shy. I've been soliciting my sibs for years about new material for volume 2, and I swear, that's my project for 2011, once I'm done this damned MSc.