Saturday, August 15, 2009

Don't be shy

cinnamon rolls, 138/365

Several years ago, our Christmas project was to put together a cookbook with several family favorites. Since we made it, new favorites have emerged and although I've made a few attempts to compile a new version, I somehow haven't gotten the momentum. But I'm up for more suggestions, and I'll have a look through my old e-mails for recipes my siblings have sent me over the years.

In the meantime, here's the first edition, for anyone who's lost the first one (or, like me, have gotten it so splattered/sticky as to become unusable). I admit I use the dessert/baking section more than anything else, but I also use the pancit recipe once in a while, and this weekend, being an unseasonably rainy August weekend, I'm planning on using the perogie recipe.

The name is from our Lolo Berting's famous exhortation anybody appeared to hesitate over food: "Don't be shy!" (click to download pdf file)


Em²a Cartoon said...

So, apparently Pat was telling me last year that she has a book of Grandma Lysyk's dessert recipes some where. Maybe you can steal, I mean borrow, some of those for edition 2? *hopeful*

Sophie_vf said...

really? I didn't know that - good lead! I'll try to track them down!