Monday, August 31, 2009

Month of the Damned

Month of the Damned, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

OK, it's a 2008 diary entry, but it's just as true this year, and even more so because they're starting in August.

We were actually expecting a lot more pain and strife, since they have been staying up till midnight and getting up around 9 for the last few weeks. I think the school subroutine kicked in and activated their brains, and got them up and at it with no trouble at all. A bit scary, that, seemingly a testament to early indoctrination of structure.

This school year actually feels like a continuation of the last one, since both kids keep the same teacher and classroom (no, they didn't flunk a year - they're both in the last year of a two-year split), which adds further to the sense of anticlimax. So it doesn't feel so much like new beginnings, as the end of a Really Really Long Weekend.

On a side note, this reminds me how little I've been drawing lately, almost none since the summer started. Damned 365!

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