Monday, May 21, 2007

Kimono shawl beginning

Kimono shawl beginning, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

I've been wanting to do this shawl since I got the book, and this is a nice long term project. You don't want to sit and knit this all at once, because it does get a bit monotonous, but it's nice to pick up and work on on movie night.

I'm using size 4 Boye circs and Knitpicks Shadow, I don't know. The greenish one. Lost Lagoon or something like that? I had used this earlier for the Mystery Stole, but ended up frogging it because the style just didn't suit me. It's a beautiful stole, just not my style. I was worried that all that frogging/reknitting/spit splicing would really do a number on the Shadow but it held up well. I like the multiple hues in this yarn and it's fairly soft. I'm in no hurry with this, so it's a nice leisurely knit I can take my time with.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Horcrux Socks

I'm all for easy knitting these days, and these Horcrux socks from the Six Sox Knitalong really fit the bill:

Horcrux complete

They're nice and short, perfect for summer, and the little bit of zigzag lace is entertaining to knit without being overwhelming. The color I chose is a bit easter-egg-y, but I think I'll keep them anyway. I love the colours of Trekking, but I've found that kids find it a little bit rough. So, my initial plan of knitting these in a smaller size to give to one of my nieces, a Harry Potter fan, was shelved. I think she would have textural issues with it, and would likely never wear them. So I'll keep these for myself, and try to find something softer to knit this with for her and perhaps the other young Harry Potter fans in the family. Might be a good time to look for Gryffindor colours.

Horcrux in progress

After deciding to keep this particular pair, I had to re-knit the foot to get it to fit me after all. Not too much of a chore, and since Trekking has no particular repeat, I didn't have to worry about the toes making an abrupt colour change.

Pattern: Horcrux Socks, Six Sox Knitalong
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: Addi Turbo circs, 2.5 mm using magic loop

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring socks, and a Swallowtail

Now that I'm done with the university semester and Big Important Events are out of the way, I have time to update my much reduced, but consistent, knitting.

First, Dalarna:
Dalarna socks
pattern from Knitting on the Road, by Nancy Bush
STR in Lover's Leap
2.25 mm Brittany Birch
mods: toe-up with magic loop cast-on (from Knitty) and widdershins heel (also from Knitty)
This was the Knitting on the Road KAL choice for February/March and I finished it on a bus trip to Edmonton in mid-March, but kept forgetting to take pictures. I loved this pattern, and am glad the group chose it because I would never have bothered with it otherwise. It looks so plain in the book, but that's what made it so enjoyable to knit. It was perfect for a semi-solid yarn, and the clock pattern made it interesting. I did modify it to be knit toe-up, since I wanted to make the best use of my skein, which worked out perfectly.
This was also my first skein of STR. I did not want to love it, but I did. So soft, cushy and springy.

Since I was on a bus trip, I made sure I brought sock yarn! So on the same weekend I finished Dalarna, I cast on for Roza's sock, and finished it in...I don't know, about a week. It was a quick knit:

Roza's socks
pattern: Roza's Socks,designed by Grumperina for Spring IK07
Fortissima Colori, leftover from the Mamlukes
2.5 mm Inox circs
Not much else to say, but again an easy to memorize pattern that works well with a gently transitioning yarn.

And last but not least, Rolling Thunder!

Rolling Thunder socks
Rolling Thunder by Sivia Harding for Knitty
Lorna's Laces Bittersweet
size 1 KP circs
mods: omitted the beads

I did try this with beads initially, but once I tried on the cuff I found they made me crazy. I have weird textural issues. But I really loved the Thunderbird stitch design and I like picot hemmed cuffs, so I did that instead, and substituted purl ridges for the beaded ridges. After the cuff, the garter rib goes fast, BUT, I ran out of yarn a few inches short of the second sock. No way was I willing to rip this and do contrasting toes and heels, though that would have been the logical thing to do. But I just didn't want to interrupt the colour scheme for this particular sock. So although I started these socks over the Christmas holidays, I didn't get ahold of yarn till a few weeks ago, and then finished them right away. My daughter has already claimed them for her own.

Closeup of the Thunderbird stitch detail - it really does look like a Thunderbird under storm clouds!:

Thunderbird stitich detail

Finally, the Swallowtail shawl - my second:

white Swallowtail
Swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark, Fall IK06
Knitpicks Bare merino, fingering weight
size 5 Boye
cast on Wednesday night, May 2, cast off Saturday morning, May 5, 2007 - in time for my daughter's First Communion
diversions: Pride and Prejudice (the Knightly/McFayden version) and audio book of War and Peace, watching dance tech rehearsal during cast-off

I chose the Swallowtail because I figured it was my best chance of getting a shawl done in 3 days - I'd knit it before in the summer, and knew the pattern was fairly easy to "read" and thus catch mistakes. I managed to catch almost all of them on the back side, purling back.

There's nothing like being time pressured for a special occasion to speed your knitting along! I'd like to knit one again for myself - at a more relaxed and enjoyable pace.

In action:
Swallowtail in the garden