Monday, May 21, 2007

Kimono shawl beginning

Kimono shawl beginning, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

I've been wanting to do this shawl since I got the book, and this is a nice long term project. You don't want to sit and knit this all at once, because it does get a bit monotonous, but it's nice to pick up and work on on movie night.

I'm using size 4 Boye circs and Knitpicks Shadow, I don't know. The greenish one. Lost Lagoon or something like that? I had used this earlier for the Mystery Stole, but ended up frogging it because the style just didn't suit me. It's a beautiful stole, just not my style. I was worried that all that frogging/reknitting/spit splicing would really do a number on the Shadow but it held up well. I like the multiple hues in this yarn and it's fairly soft. I'm in no hurry with this, so it's a nice leisurely knit I can take my time with.


sonja poor said...

Oh, I love your Kimono so far. That is such a nice pattern. It is looking so nice in that yarn. I look forward to seeing the FO.

Melanie said...

The Kimono shawl is a very elegant design, and yours is looking great!