Thursday, May 17, 2007

Horcrux Socks

I'm all for easy knitting these days, and these Horcrux socks from the Six Sox Knitalong really fit the bill:

Horcrux complete

They're nice and short, perfect for summer, and the little bit of zigzag lace is entertaining to knit without being overwhelming. The color I chose is a bit easter-egg-y, but I think I'll keep them anyway. I love the colours of Trekking, but I've found that kids find it a little bit rough. So, my initial plan of knitting these in a smaller size to give to one of my nieces, a Harry Potter fan, was shelved. I think she would have textural issues with it, and would likely never wear them. So I'll keep these for myself, and try to find something softer to knit this with for her and perhaps the other young Harry Potter fans in the family. Might be a good time to look for Gryffindor colours.

Horcrux in progress

After deciding to keep this particular pair, I had to re-knit the foot to get it to fit me after all. Not too much of a chore, and since Trekking has no particular repeat, I didn't have to worry about the toes making an abrupt colour change.

Pattern: Horcrux Socks, Six Sox Knitalong
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: Addi Turbo circs, 2.5 mm using magic loop


N. Maria said...

I LOVE your color choice! Okay, I knit my pair for my son. Now, after seeing yours, I will have to knit ME a pair!

Sophie_vf said...

Thanks! Now that I've blocked them after a soak in Eucalan, I was thinking they might be giftable to one of my neices after all, since they've softened up quite a bit. This is definately a nice take-along pattern, isn't it?