Friday, June 01, 2007

a little summer vanilla

Nothing fancy here, just plain but fun vanilla socks, using up some leftover yarn. I might make these again, so I thought I'd better save the recipe. They're just a 64 stitch cast on, with 2 x 2 ribbing from the cuff down, increased to 38 sole stitches before beginning garter stitch short row heel, decreased back to 64 stitch circumference before knitting a plain stockinette foot. In Regia tip-top cotton, 2.5 mm KP circ.
small vanilla

And for a larger serving of vanilla:

Recipe: cast on 32 stitches for short row toe, stockinette foot increased to 40 sole stitches before beginning short row garter stitch heel, decrease again and begin 3 x 1 ribbing, and knit till yarn is almost done. EZ's sewn bind-off. These are in CTH Supersock in potluck jewel colours, 2.5 mm Inox circ.

I'm doing these mostly because I've found that 100% merino socks seem to wear a little quickly in the heel, and I'm hoping the garter stitch heel will be a bit sturdier.

large vanilla


Ruth said...

Hello Sophie!
Thanks for stopping by. It is so much fun to check out other blogs - I really like your blog title, it conjures up a sweet clear late spring day laying about in a hammock listening to the hullabaloo of birds and insects and drifting off to sleep in my loves arms. Lovely.

Sigh. Thanks for the Infinity link - I'll check it out. I had to laugh at the Christmas cards in May.

Jerry said...

I love your blog. The socks are so inspiring. You pick the best colorways and the patterns are so complimentary.

Sophie_vf said...

Thanks Jerry, I appreciate the comment especially since I am currently in the midst of colorway vs. pattern angst! (see above)

Ruth, I wish I was joking about the Christmas cards in May but I'm not. I had to cross out "Yule 2006" and write in "Solstice 2007".