Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ribby cardigan

Ribby cardigan
Originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
I finished this a few weeks ago - basically, it was knit between exam #2 and exam #3 for one of my courses, so a little less than four weeks total knitting. I put the zipper in a week or so later.

I had been looking for a sweater I could knit from the Mission Falls wool I bought on sale at my LYS when we all thought this yarn was being discontinued.

I didn't have enough of one colour for an entire sweater, so the two-toned Ribby Cardi seemed like a good solution. I really like the way the denim blue, spruce, and gold work together.

I love wearing this sweater - it's smooth and comfy in the Mission Falls superwash, and the pattern was very clear and well written.

pattern: Chicknits Ribby Cardi
yarn: Mission Falls 1824 superwash denim, spruce, and dijon
needles: 7 Boye, 8 addi circs

a fast, fun knit


rincaro said...

I love the color scheme! Looks great on you.

astridpersons said...

hello sophie: nice cardigan! I just made a link on my blog because I love your work!!
greetings from holland

JoanM said...

Your cardi looks great, as you have the right figure to wear that body hugging style.