Friday, November 13, 2009

Project 310

With less than two months to go to complete Project 365, which I started on Jan 1 of this year, I find my motivation sorely in need of a kick start. Perhaps because of a disappointing fall, during which the still-green leaves were crushed with an early snow, so that we got mooshy green-browns rather than the brilliant yellows and coppers we usually enjoy. Perhaps because of the return to standard time, leaving even less natural light in the afternoon and evening. More than likely, the steady parade of viruses that have made their appearances in our home, so that in the last month there have only been a handful of days where every family member has been completely well.  By necessity of schedule,  illness, and lack of light, there have been altogether too many pictures of stuff just sitting on my shelf, because that's all there's been time and energy for.

Still, my kids have insisted "You can't stop now. You have to finish what you've started. And what if it's interesting later on? like that old house. Maybe it will be torn down next year, but you'll have a picture of it.".

So at least I have their encouragement,  and more than likely in their case, it will be "remember those pens Mom used?" or "can you believe we ever thought the iTouch was so cool?"  So I'll keep going till the end of the year, at the very least learning more about my lenses, particularly the non-metering, non-focusing micro I recently acquired, and get a better understanding of exposure.

In the meantime, a happy surprise, the result of playing with a new presets generously provided by raceytay at Flickr, and Rita's Honey Retro action from the Coffeshop.

retro ferris


T said...

Where did THIS come from?

Sophie_vf said...

where did what come from - you mean the ferris wheel? it's from the Calgary Stampede. I don't remember if I ever posted it before. Anyway, I'm posting it now, but processed to look kind of old and retro.