Saturday, September 26, 2009

Film Fridays

This is really a placeholder for a picture still waiting to be developed. I decided to try to get more use out of my film camera - so I've decided to start making it film Friday, with a digital picture taken side by side. Not just as backup, but to remind me when the picture was taken, since obviously film doesn't have exif data. I'll scan the developed photo a few Fridays from now.

Two - three! I meant three things I learned:

1) 50 mm on a film camera has a different field of view than 50 mm on a digital, at least a digital with cropped sensor like I have. Actually, I already knew this, but somehow forgot when I slapped a 50 on each camera and headed out. Then was stupidly surprised when I went from one camera to the other and thought "hey, this looks different".

2) don't bother looking at the back of the film camera after you take a shot. There will only be the back of a camera.

3) if your film camera seems to lock up? you probably forgot to advance the film.

Man, the things you forget when going back to film!

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