Monday, September 21, 2009

sleepless, 263/365

sleepless, 263/365, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
prompted by the Facebook meme Shuffleshare, my sisters and cousin were trying to come up with the 15 songs you would put on your iPod if it only held 15 songs ("wouldn't that make it a Walkman?" I asked). Everyone came up with a list quickly, and I finally made mine after a couple of hours of insomnia early this morning. And of course the first song I thought of was Jann Arden's Sleepless.

This went on for a few more pages, then I whittled them down to 15. A lot of them are covers that I like better than the originals, and in one case an original less well known than the hit. The ones that made it:
1. Sleepless, Jann Arden
2. Get Together, Indigo Girls.
3. Song for a Winter's Night, Sarah Mclachlan
4. Say Goodbye, Dave Mathews
5. Kyla Vuotta, Varrtina (Finnish folk-rock band)
6. Back on the Chain Gang, Pretenders
7. They Don't Know, Kirsty MacColl
8. Theme from Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, Bob Dylan
9. Proud Crowd/Pride Cried, Ferron
10. Witch of the Westmoreland, Stan Rogers
11. You were on my mind, Ian and Sylvia Tyson
12. Olivers' Army, Elvis Costello
13. Prickle-Eye Bush, Bellowhead (relatively new discovery from this year's VancouverFolk Festival)
14. It's Hard, The Who
15. Moonlight Shadow, Mike Oldfield with Maggie Riley

Sunday, September 20.

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