Friday, January 01, 2010

Shake it, baby!

Okay, just because I'm done with project 365, doesn't mean I'm going to stop taking pictures, particularly not when there's the tail end of the Christmas holidays left to enjoy. I apparantly can't quite let go, and am still lurking at the 365 groups at flickr, especially the Shutter sisters 365. That's where I ran across a terrific picture by brklynphoto processed with shakeit, an iPhone application. I only have an iTouch (I stubbornly refuse to go the smartphone/contract route) but shakeit works on that too. Also, a milestone, my dear husband is picking up the camera these days, yay! Using our old but trusty Canon S2IS, he got a nice pic of a coyote while on today's walk. I love seeing the pictures my kids take, so I hope he keeps it up.


Alicia said...

hey! thanks for the link!! (i'm brklynphoto :) i wondered if the itouch could take the photos with the shakeit app too!! so cool that it can!

congrats on finishing a year of daily photos! i'm hoping this year i can actually be successful at it (and i think i can considering i always have my iphone with me)!!

Alicia said...

oooo he he! it just took me a moment to realize the link between the blog and your flickr!! :)

Sophie_vf said...

don't worry - I have those oh-that's-the-same-person moments too!

I liked your Jan 1 photo so much I had to hunt down the app for myself. It's so fun - my kids got a big kick out of shaking the iTouch and watching the pic "develop".

Poladroid does something similar, if you have a pic on your desktop you want to process. It's also fun.