Sunday, January 03, 2010

whole body sock

I'm fixin' to make a sock, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

as I was plying this, I was musing on what I could do for the Creative Every Day challenge theme for January, Body. The obvious thing would be to get back into anatomical drawing - usually my own injuries, or that of someone in my family. But, as I stood in the family room watching LOTR with the kids, rolling the spindle along my leg with one hand, letting the single-ply roll off the improvised nostepinne with the other, and wrapping the plied yarn around my elbow to grab the spindle and roll the yarn onto it, I realized this is a whole-body process.

Skeined and waiting:
sock to be

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Rita said...

Beautiful yarn! Sounds like quite a process. Love to see pictures as you go. :)

Happy New Year!