Friday, January 15, 2010


Footwork, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

Possibly the most ludicrous thing I've done in the name of science.

The lab centrifuge went on the fritz last month right in the midst of an experiment, and in the heat of the moment my supervisor dug out this old beast from the '70s, fired it up, and lo and behold it worked (and saved our bacon). Then last week caretaking polished the floor in the lab, and did such a great job that it now kind of tries to walk around the slippery floor when it reaches full speed. So I was sitting on it to try to keep it in place while centrifuging my samples. Longest 15 minutes of the week, and yes, I tried many different positions to avoid going numb.

Creative with the body? hell, yeah.

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Leah said...

now that's some fancy footwork! :-)