Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blues of winter

blue compass

One of the things I promised myself I'd do this year was try out some techniques I had only read about. Stephanie has written elsewhere about using fountain pen ink for painting, so I gave it a shot. I'd do it again. I like the way the ink dried a bit irregularly, and the colour stayed vivid. I wish the white gel pen I used was more opaque, though.

blue lady

Again with the experimenting. I've never painted a journal page background before with the intention of drawing or writing over it. But I have quite a bit of acrylic paint lying around from various kid's crafts, so I used some turquoise, gold, and purple glitter.

I had thought to draw something body-like on it, to keep in with the January CED theme, and the necklace I happened to be wearing that day might make a good subject, I was thinking.

c'est l'hiver

And finally I vaguely remembered reading an article about using modge-podge to do photo transfer, and since I was procrastinating anyway, I printed out some of my recent winter photos, slapped some podge on a couple of sheets, and rubbed them as if they were a tattoo. It wasn't exactly a success, but I liked it anyway, and will probably play with this a bit more. I would welcome suggestions as to how to make this work better!

Watercolor and lyrics, from the very Quebecois chanson Mon Pays added after the podge dried.

I'm not Quebecois - but it IS awfully wintery here; the world looks mostly grey, white or blue - but I like blue better.


Rita said...

I think they turned out great! Why is it we are always afriad to try new techniques? I am always so hesitant, too. Looks like a great journal. :)

Sophie_vf said...

thanks Rita. Well, in my case it was also laziness - I figured I would have had to dig out watercolor paper from the hobby closet. This Exacompta journal has really sturdy paper that can take quite a bit of wetting - that gave me confidence to slop stuff on :)

Lynn said...

Your journal pages are beautiful! I especially like the top one - the colors are marvelous.

Meredith said...

I'm glad to see you're experimenting and stretching your repertoire of techniques. It gives the rest of us courage! Besides, the results looked beautiful. I especially enjoyed your interpretation of "mon pays."

Sophie_vf said...

thank you Lynn and Meredith. This seems like a really good month for pushing past old boundaries. The CED group is really inspiring for that!

gypsy said...

Love your artwork! You are on a creative roll! The white mandala on blue inky background is simply elegant!

Sam said...

The photo transfers look great - distressed style. Well done for trying it - this has been on my list for too long as well ;-)

I found this link, don't know if it's of any help.


Sophie_vf said...

thanks for the photo transfer link, Sam - I'm going to try that next.
Tammy - thanks! you helped get things rolling :D