Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ready to rip

Ready to rip
The moebius scarf that I was trying to turn into a cape (first Rimrock, then Lost Trails, for those who know Cat's book) is rapidly turning into a candidate for "You Knit WHAT?". A good lesson for me in colour and tone - although the colours in the thicker yarn for the cape portion do appear in the scarf portion, the overall effect is a darker tone that just doesn't work overall. I'm about to insert a lifeline (actually a really long circular needle) and get rrrready to rrrrrrip.

To the good, though, I was able to use up the last bits of yarn from my first three pairs of socks. Knitting toe up I managed to squeeze these out. Kind of short, but nice for around the house. I'm just thrilled I got four pairs of socks out of 5 skeins!
The remains of the skein

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rincaro said...

I love your odds and ends socks!