Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is this really a good idea?

I cast on for Christmas in Tallin this morning:

Christmas in Tallin, maybe

It was fun and interesting trying the Kihnu Vits braid around the sock cuff, and I found it helped to hold the yarn tensioned behind the neck so I could use my fingers to twist the yarn.

Greek? peruvian? macedonian? hold for Kihnu Vits

However, the cuff is coming out HUGE. I certainly expected it to be bigger than the pattern measurements, since I was using a worsted weight yarn, Briggs & Little Regal, and larger needles (size 4). But I wasn't quite prepared for how much bigger. I don't think I could afford the amount of chocolate it would take to fill this sucker!

A bigger problem, though, is the colour. They're just too.....Christmas-y. I mean, they scream "school craft fair!" which is not intrinsically bad, just not my intent.
I'm not sure what to do from here on. I could either turn this cuff into a very Christmas-y hat band, or just plow on and see what happens.

Christmas in Tallin, sock cuff

Meantime, I'm diligently using up my sock yarn leftovers, to make room for more sock yarn, of course.

making the most of leftovers

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