Monday, December 05, 2005

At last! it's done

At last! it's done
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I started the waistband for Samus when the pattern first came out with the fall issue of Knitty. However, after the first swatch I put it aside, and when I came back to it after learning how to cable without needles, I found of course that my gauge had changed. I managed to get back to my original gauge by using size 7 needles, and the pointy ends on the Boye's definately helped.

Finally, with the help of the BBC production of Ivanhoe (I feel I must knit to good television, if not a good audiobook), the waistband is done.

Now I'm ready to pick up the stitches for the body, and since it will be straight stockinette, I can drag it around to theatres, if I want to. I have been thinking of perhaps adding some waist shaping, if I can figure that out.

This is in Paton's Classic Merino Rich Red, chosen mostly because it's easy to find at the local stores.

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Loretta_S said...

And if you change your mind about the sweater it will make a lovely scarf.