Thursday, December 08, 2005

Maybe for a moebius?

Maybe for a moebius?
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Although I am still happily working on my first moebius, I am already thinking ahead to my next Moebius project from Cat Bordhi's First Treasury.

Since I'm not about to buy more yarn (it's hard enough to hide yarn, now I have to hide Christmas presents too) I started digging around for some yarns that might work together.

Many of the patterns in the book call for Mountain Colors Moguls, which is pretty hard to get around here (can it even be gotten anywhere?)

But I think I can get the bulk by combining yarns. I was thinking of using Noro Kureyon, perhaps bulked up by Mission Falls merino. The long hank is a DK/light worsted superfine merino by paintedyarns in Edmonton. And the fuzzy stuff at the top is a Mohair/nylon from my LYS.

I guess the answer is always "swatch and see!"

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Loretta_S said...

Mountain Colors yarns are fabulous but very expensive. I've only ever made smaller projects with them.