Sunday, December 04, 2005

More hats, and Road to Oslo is done

Hooray - I cast off Road to Oslo last night. As promised, this was a fast knit once you get past the colorwork cuff. There is definately a difference between the first cuff, knit two handed, and the second cuff, knit carrying the yarn in both hands. But, the difference could well be just because I was paying more attention to keeping tension on the contrast colour loose the second time around. I also lurked intently at Fig and Plum's entries on her Norwegian socks, from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. Her detailed information was extremely helpful! I am a long way towards feeling ready for socks as detailed as hers, but some day, I hope.

Road to Oslo socks are done!

For much easier colorwork, I made Knitty's Vinter lue in Gjestal chunky. It felt a lot softer than the Lopi, and a bit less fuzzy. As someone at Knitty suggested, I knit the hat itself on 6 mm needles rather than the recommended 5 mm, which I think was a good call. It made the hat slightly large, but it's easier to shrink a hat down than enlarge it. I'm not going to bother with the braids, as I think part of the reason DS likes it is because it looks like a medieval helmet. This was a really fast, fun knit - two evenings for me, but I think a really diligent knitter could knit it in one.

Vinter lue

I also finished up my third Silk Garden beanie. I love these beanies. Perfect by-the-pool (indoor, obviously) knitting.

Silk garden beanie

Last but not least, I got my Treasury of Magical Knitting last week and cast on for a Moebius purl ridge scarf yesterday. I only had a 40" needle, which made casting on and knitting the first few rows a real test of grip strength. Now that the fabric has grown, it's going much better. I worked on it yesterday while watching Wallace and Grommit at the theatre. (highly recommended, btw!)

Moebius scarf

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Laura said...

Those socks are too cute, I think they will have to go on my to-knit list. I'd like to do the Norwegian Stockings someday, and that would be good practice!

Also I LOVE the Vinter Lue.