Sunday, August 22, 2010


webbie v3, corner, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
behold! the noticeably blank corner3 of the Rhodia Webnotebook, courtesy of Stephanie(Biffybeans) of Rhodia Drive and Karen Doherty of Exaclair.
I'm in the process of trying it out and reviewing it now, but here it is not only in an unlined version (yay!!) but with the corner logo gone. That never bothered me, but apparently it made other people nuts.

And it lies flat - much flatter than version 2:

webbie v3, open

A couple of reviews are out already, and as expected the paper continues to be excellent for fountain pen ink, just like the version 2 reviewed earlier. However, because this is a blank version, I want to experiment a bit with pencils and color, to see how it might work as an illustrated journal. I should be done in a week or two, and I'll also have a second, spanking new, shrink-wrapped Webbie to give away. More soon!

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