Thursday, September 23, 2010

view from north lot, first day of fall

Sunshine at last the morning after autumnal equinox, and the coulees begin to show their colour.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use this 24mm lens. It's obviously wider angle than a "normal" view, even on a cropped sensor camera like mine, but still I am not sure how to use it to best effect. Most of all, how to resist the cliche of "wow look at all the stuff I can cram into the view here". Must practice some more.


michele said...

this looks great! it looks so golden. and that lens is for lots of stuff.

boy i miss this view - north lot used to be my parking lot. view is not so pretty from E lot. i should pay a visit to north lot.

Sophie_vf said...

thanks for pointing that out - I have been feeling surly about n lot - somehow I forgot to buy my parking pass till mid August and e lot was sold out. But you're right, the view and the walk is prettier.

It surprises me how unfamiliar the 24 mm view feels. I'll write more about this later.