Saturday, September 18, 2010

new lens

new lens, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
new to me, anyway. It's a used 24mm prime that will have to be manually metered and focused on my camera.  I am strangely enamored of the colorful coating on the lens. I don't have any other lenses that look like this at all, or else they're more recessed so I don't notice.

I haven't really tried it much yet, though. It's a wide-angle 24mm prime that I thought I'd use for landscapes and such, and the weather is currently so wretched I am not sure when I'll get it out next. If only September actually felt like September instead of November.


michele said...

oh man i'm with you on the september feeling like november. it's bitterly cold here and so gloomy.

shooting in this flat light is a challenge!

nice lens though. i think you'll love the wide angle when you start using it.

gypsy said...

Curious to see what this lens is all about... I know you will experiment with your new baby, er, lens. It is so frustrating when nature does not cooperate with our photographic plans.

Sophie_vf said...

Yes, the flat light is not encouraging - I was out last night and while not disappointed in the results, it certainly didn't give me a chance to put the lens through it's paces.

Tammy, I just wanted a fast, wider angle prime, either for landscapes like when I'm out in the coulees or a wider view of interiors, but with a larger aperture than my kit lens. Generally I prefer using primes anyway because that way I can stuff my camera almost inconspicuously in my handbag :)

I might try some interiors when I'm at work tomorrow.

gypsy said...

Sophie, In the past year I've shot with the 50mm f/1.8 almost exclusively. On our recent vacation I didn't even bother bringing the kit lens. Now I am curious about other prime lenses.

Sophie_vf said...

I really like that lens too and I often have it on my camera because it's so small. And I'm so used to the view on a 50 that the 24 surprises me - it's an unexpected viewpoint.