Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy flaming merino tencel, batman!

flaming merino tencel, batman

next up, more fibre from a few years ago that I haven't touched yet. I do not even know why I picked out this color. I think it was the only color they had in this fibre blend, which is superwash merino tencel.

I had to look up Tencel on Wikipedia - apparently it is a subcategory of rayon, in that it is cellulose fibre from wood pulp. That always sounds kind of gross to me till I remind myself that wool is stuff shaved off a sheep. In any case, it gives the fibre itself an amazing sheen, which I suppose is part of what made it so hard to photograph, and I have heard that it also gives the resulting yarn strength, which would make is suitable for sock yarn. So far it has been a bit tricky to spin - it's much slipperier than the merino I had spun for the indigo socks, and with a shorter staple than the green Finn I'm spinning now for some undetermined purpose.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy spinning the fiber. I love the non animal fibers just as much now. The colors are amazing

jill said...

I love that spindle!

Sophie_vf said...

so far so good - it feels nice in the hand though it's slippery and there's the temptation to draft it too fine (have dropped the spindle a few times due to this)

I love this spindle too, Jill - it's perfect for lace and sock weight and nicely balanced, though it tends not to spin as long as my newest spindle.

Teri said...

I've spun merino/tencel and plain tencel/rayon before. They are indeed slippery and it's hard to get the merino to draft at the same rate as the tencel. It's an interesting blend and a great color. I love the spindle too. It's off ebay, isn't it?

Sophie_vf said...

yes, I admit the slippery-ness is giving me a little grief, but I do love the shine. Thanks for the commiseration - I was wondering why I was getting "bunches" of stuff accumulating as I drafted - your comment seems to explain that.

Actually, I got the spindle at Knitopia, and it was locally made. I really wish I had kept the label so I could find out who made it. I think he was in Pitt Meadows or Maple Ridge - that wouldn't be the same ebay seller, would it?