Friday, February 26, 2010

warmer on the home front

Really, if I had to wake up to one more cold, grey morning I was going to scream, and the magical wonder of ice fog and hoarfrost was getting really, really old. But as tired as I am of the winter monotony, I am even more tired of whining about it. So I took a little time downtown with my camera while the kids were at piano lessons.

dominion fruit

Like most towns, Lethbridge has its share of abandoned buildings: this is the old Dominion Fruit warehouse which, in the 23 years I've lived here, hasn't shown a sign of life. Which makes me wonder: who keeps that mailbox so shiny and white? Is stuff actually being delivered to that mailbox? And since we know that nothing really comes to mailboxes anymore but bills, who's paying them? That is almost a short story waiting to be written.

no fruit here

The incredibly decrepit old loading docks of the same warehouse. (hmm, I didn't realize till now that I composed the last two pictures in almost the exact same way. I will try for more originality next time).

Some blocks down, the weather-beaten sign of one of the downtown restaurants, one of the first that my new friends took me to when I first moved here, and for a long time the place we went after softball and soccer games. Despite many more restaurants opening in town since, it still seems to be holding its own.


and just around the corner, the abandoned Paramount theatre. Pretty much, there are no freestanding theatres here anymore and I suspect that's the same in any town. It's Cineplex or die. I think the last movie we saw here was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and I remember the children being very impressed by the red velvet seats and curtains. I have no idea what's in store for it now.


and something to smile about at the end of the day's errands. I am full of envy. Who doesn't want a dog that can pull a cart?  Who doesn't want dogs that will ride in that cart?
a friend indeed


The Missive Maven said...

"And since we know that nothing really comes to mailboxes anymore but bills..."

I dispute this most vehemently.

Sophie_vf said...

Indeed, I do take that back and am glad to see that there are those out here keeping alive the pleasure of a handwritten letter.

However I, with the exception of Christmas time, am sadly not one of them.

Am also willing to bet that the recipients at 1120 1st S in Lethbridge are not, either.

michele said...

love the Paramount photo Sophie. and amazing catch of the dogs in the cart.

on the Dominion Fruit building i photographed it a few times two years ago. that white mailbox by the front is a recent addition. the building was for sale for a long time - finally someone bought it - a new lock was placed on the door and sometimes the door was open. work was going on inside and on the roof for a while - but i haven't seen much action there recently.

the city archives at the Galt Museum has a few old photos of the building and some information on the original owners and the business.

Sophie_vf said...

Michele, I had no idea! I missed any sign of activity whatsoever. I wonder if someone had great hopes to turn into a restaurant or something. It would be nice to see it revitalized in some way.