Monday, February 15, 2010

On the fast track

The family has been sick this rather grey frosty long weekend, but that meant lots of time to work on these mittens. These are the successors to the now-frogged blue and yellow mitt from the previous post, but from the same book. With the same yarn, on larger needles and a lower stitch count, these are a much better size for me. Of course, now I feel slightly guilty and I will probably start another pair in a flamboyant yellow and royal blue - Ukrainian colours - for one of my children.

Komi mittens for Ravelympics
I love knitting colorwork. And I love this type of pattern, the kind that comes out looking quite complex but really is not that difficult - there's only two colours, and the pattern is based on stitch counts of 1, 3, and 5 in quite orderly seqeunces. I've finished the thumb gore, so now it's a straight track for a while till I get to the fingertip decreases.

Pattern detail:
Komi mittens

I'm glad I got this much done this weekend. Things will slow right down now, as I'm heading back to work and will be having busy evenings as well as days. But I'm glad to have settled into a comfortable pattern that I can easily pick up and work on even just a few rows at a time.

Pattern: Komi mittens #18, from Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens
yarn: Sandgarn Tove
needles: size 1 clover bamboo
more deets at Ravelry 


michele said...

love love the cuffs! and the way the white part on the cuff zooms into that diamond. you're gonna go faster wearing these.

Eden said...

I am so impressed with these! You must be quite the knitter!!! And everyone can use a new pair of mittens!! Love your blog!!

Sophie_vf said...

thanks, Eden! They are super warm, and wouldn't you know it, we haven't needed to wear mittens since I made them. But they will certainly come in handy next year :)