Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canadian Komi Mittens on closing day

On the last day of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, I've finished the Komi mittens that were begun on the opening weekend. I bound off before the puck dropped on the gold medal match between Canada and US in men’s hockey. I knew there was no way I could focus on colorwork while the game was actually on.

The Ravelympics mittens cheer on Canada during the Gold Medal match. They were very nervous. Team USA is very strong and showed their ability to beat Team Canada just last Sunday.
Go Canada!

The mittens are starting to wilt under pressure as the US narrows the lead.
Ravelympics mittens, second period

Ravelympics mittens celebrate!

the mittens nearly became unravelled at the stunning US goal in the last 25 seconds that forced the game into overtime. If the mittens could have hidden behind mittens, they would have, because TeamUSA had such great momentum it looked like it would sweep them to a win. Then Canada scored and the mittens are head over heels with joy and relief!
The mittens felt bad that there could be only one winner. It was an absolutely phenomenal game and could have gone either way.

The mittens relaxing happily:
Canadian Komi mittens

So relaxed, they don't mind showing their backside:

Canadian Komi mittens

If one looks more white or red than the other, that's because I experimented with which colour was held in front. For me, the colour carried in front is more prominent. There were a few modifications: I shortened both the hand and thumb by just a few rows, and used a half-wick decrease instead because I prefer the appearance. Otherwise, knit just as written.
I love these mittens and will be making more. For now, though, they're a memory of the best Winter Olympics I have ever seen, even more exciting since it took place in my hometown and home province.

Knit for Ravelympics2010 between Feb 14-28 2010.
Pattern: #18 from Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens from the Komi tradition
Yarn: red and white Tove
needles: 2.25mm Clover Bamboo dpn's

Ravelry project page


michele said...

fun way to tell the mitten/hockey story! and those mittens look so Canadian and Olympian.

Sophie_vf said...

Thanks - yes, they're my version of Olympic mitts, even if they don't resemble the official kind. They're special to me anyway.

Kimberly said...

I loved this! Man, that was a good game.

I thought it was interesting that one does look more red than the other--but in a very cool, hard-to-put-my-finger-on kind of way. I'm glad you explained. I do NO color work (other than striped scarves), so would have never guessed.