Friday, May 26, 2006

silky wool pullover - it's done!

silky wool pullover
Originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
I am so excited about finishing this sweater because it's the first one I've knit by making it up as I went along. It fits perfectly, which isn't a guarantee since there's only so much you can figure out by holding it up to yourself and deciding when to decrease, start the armholes, split the neck, etc. But most of my guesswork seemed to come out all right in the end. I used a lot of techniques I've never tried out before.

I haven't blocked it yet, thus the wrinkliness of the arms. Also, this colour of silky wool seemed to have a lot of...uh, vegetable matter I think they call it. I'm still picking out thorns.

Please excuse messy bathroom, and shower curtain rod that recently started casting itself upon the floor, for unknown reasons.

pattern: made up
yarn: Elsbeth Lavold silky wool, 4.5 skeins MC, half skein red
needles: size 6 (4mm) addi circular
Knit a leisurely pace, April 14-May 25

Knit in the round with purl stitches as "seams"
colour stranded motif at lower edge from Folk Socks
waist shaping with increases and decreases
short row bust shaping
short row shoulder shaping, 3 needle bindoff
split neck and contrast colour seed stitch placket knitted on
sleeves knit from shoulder down, shaoed with short rows (sort of)
Knit mainly in stocking stitch with seed stitch trim

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Knitting in the Old Way
Ann Budd: Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Nancy Bush, Folk Socks
Interweave Spring 06 - the saddle shoulder sweater


Emma said...

Beautiful! Very impressive making it up as you went along. And, hee, I was wondering about the shower curtain!

Kim said...

It looks great now so it should be a work of art once it's blocked. Congradutions! It must be immensely satisfying to know that you designed it and knitted it yourself.

Opal said...

I am so impressed with your sweater! Good job!

Abigale said...

Wow - gorgeous sweater! I'm so glad it all worked out for you! It's so wonderful when you have worked so hard on your own design and end up with something that you are actually pleased with...

It is extremely flattering on you - any chance that the pattern is going to be offered? Do you need test knitters??

Loretta_S said...

It's gorgeous, Sophie! It's so great to knit something that fits so well.