Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have a new knitting bag!

or, at least a tote bag, to stuff WIP in. I love's just a simple canvas tote, but the very cool logo was designed by my friend Sharon Frost from our group blog yogalila.

Yogalila tote bag

The same artwork is used with a different caption - "more cow pose", which was inspired by the SNL skit more cow bell, and it seemed perfect for us since so many of us continue to struggle with this pose.

So what am I stuffing into my bag? Well, not Cat Bordhi's Moebius banded Lotus Blossom Hat, because it's all done. It's in Lamb's Pride Worsted in a spectaular turqoise colour, sent to me by Loretta. :

Lotus blossom hat

It's not easy to take a picture of the top of your head, but here's my attempt at showing the lotus. So yogic!

Lotus Blossom hat, top.

Simple moebius scarves are so fast and gratifying. I quickly whipped up a purl ridge scarf in Noro Kureyon. I don't always love Kureyon, since it can be scratchy, but a little bath in Eucalan softened it up nicely.

Purl Ridge Moebius in Noro Kureyon

So much for stuff I won't be carrying in my tote bag. I will be carrying bits and pieces of Samus, though. I've finally started on the second sleeve, knit in the round, which I hope will not screw me up entirely when I sew it to the body, since I did not account for selvege stitches at all.

Slogging away on Samus sleeves

And since I can't stand not having some sort of sock on the go, I'm also carrying around the beginning of Nancy Bush's Rib and Cable sock from Interweave Knit's Fall 2005 issue.

Rib and Cable socks beginning

Although I think the leg is simple enough that I could probably knit 2 at a time without too much angst, I am going to knit these one at at time so I can decide whether I really want to knit them exactly as written. Also, I like the increased portablity of just one at a time. I can stuff this into my pack if the urge to knit overcomes me between classes at university.

I hope that one day I will also include the mate to this poor sad sock, one lone Whitby I've been knitting for my husband. I have no excuse for not having bought enough yarn, other than December absentmindedness, and I will have to order the yarn in. I've never gone this long between single socks before. It feels weird and wrong.

Sad and loney Whitby


Tallguy said...

Oh, that is truly sad!! You must, simply MUST, knit a second sock now, immediately!! Get out any yarn, and knit away! We don't care about the colour... that can be fixed later. But he needs TWO socks on his feet!

Oh, I love the moebii, but I went thru hell getting that first 2 rows knit. I'm about to start on another one.. and want to make one for ME too!! Oh, and I need to get going on more socks, and -- and -- and --

Loretta_S said...

The hat looks great in the Lamb's Pride. I swear that the next time I go to visit my family in Colorado I'm going to go on a pilgrimage to the Brown Sheep factory in western Nebraska with my sister.