Sunday, January 22, 2006

catch-up Sunday

Since the school year started, homework and other things have cut badly into my knitting time. Or, if not into my knitting time exactly, then into my picture taking time. However I've had the satisfaction of casting off some warm items in the last few weeks.

Again with the moebii! I can't stop! I've done two Arrow Pathways scarves in the last few weeks.. I love this pattern - only two rows and a 14 stitch repeat. The first one is in Estelle Tussah silk and the second in Noro Silk Garden.

arrow pathways scarf

I only wanted to use 2 balls for the Estelle silk scarf, so I tried to save yarn by using just 2 stitches for the fingers. I still ran out of yarn with 8 inches left to cast off! Grrr. So I ended up buying a 3rd ball, which I will maybe make into a hat.

After blocking the Estelle Scarf, I realized that it was longer than I really wanted, so instead of the 168 MCO stitches called for, I shortened the Noro one to 140 stitches. The length is perfect, and I had enough yarn for the full sized 9 stitch fingers. I like the longer fingers...they look festive and jolly to me.

Arrow pathways moebius scarf in Noro

This project also taught me that when you think something feels wrong while you're knitting your moebius, it probably is wrong. In my case, I had more than one cable crossing, resulting in a twist and a half. However, I got this far before I was really convinced it was wrong. See the twist at the bottom, though? You get this weird ruffle thing that not only tells you something is wrong, but makes it really annoying to move the stitches around on the needle.

when good moebius go bad

Pomatomus socks were also finished last weekend. I have resisted knitting lace socks, because it seems so pointless to me to wear socks with holes in them in Alberta, but the stitch pattern for this was just too interesting to pass up. It was a super fun knit, and the pattern was not so overwhelming as to fry my brain, but interesting enough to keep me enjoying it all the way through.

Pomatomus are done!

Here's a better pic with more stitch detail. I love the way the pattern stands out even in the variegated yarn:

Pomatomus socks from Knitty

Anyway, I can still keep my legs warm even if I'm wearing holey socks! Legwarmers in Araucania chunky, simple 2 by 2 rib on size 9 needles:

legwarmers in Araucania

I keep trying to do complicated things with legwarmers, like this corrugated rib, but I'm really thinking, simple is better for these. The rib is just not flexible and elastic enough for legwarmers, although I like the effect. Maybe for just the bottom and top?

two colour rib


Kalendar Girl said...

Wow! Your Moebii (??) are beautiful! Nice to see so many projects. I have to admit that I both excited and scared about the socks (the ones that look like little rainbows or fans), but I really want to make some. Every time I see someone make something so cool, I really want to make it too!

Looks great!

Kirsti said...

It all looks wonderful, especially the socks!

Loretta_S said...

I love the arrow moebius. I've knit several of them myself.

Corrugated rib is pretty, but it has no elasticity. I think it's better suited to places that don't need to stretch much.

In the Second book of Magical Knitting, she has some pattern with three twists, but for the reasons you stated, they seem like more trouble than they are worth.

ebeli said...

WOW. thanks.

I know how to knit but I never know what to make. I always want to make something cute but i can never think of anything. ive made a million scarfs, but i never thought of leg warmers! and i want them so bad...

wow.. thanks seriously.! im going to go make myself so many leg warmers until i get tired of them