Friday, January 06, 2006

a mob of moebius (moebii?)

moebius mosaic
Originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
a sleuth of bears, an exaltation of larks, a murder of crows - it must be a mob of moebii.

I've done four of these now and can't seem to stop. They're like crack, these things, I tell you. As soon as I cast off the most recent one, I cast another one on.

From top row:
Simple shaped moebius
Rimrock cape collar
simple purl ridge scarf
mercurial moebius (also shaped)

the last two:
the shaped moebius placed flat, looking sad and deflated
first moebius in progress - you can see the twist, sort of.

a bigger pic (sort of) the most recent one, the Simple Shaped Moebius:
simple shaped moebius

The simple shaped moebius is a pattern that Cat Bordhi shared with the Yahoo group Magical Knitting as a knitalong idea. It's actually written as a shawl and knit to finer gauge, but I really wanted to make something with the Handmaiden Yarn I got from Redbird knits, so I modified it to a smaller capelet, since I only had one hank.

Moebiuses (or moebii?) are seriously cool these days. The Yarn Harlot says so, so it must be true. See?


Momo said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Your scarves are gorgeous.

Biba said...

Hi Sophie, I discovered your little leftover anklets on Flickr, and I love them! Am I right you used a pattern from Cool socks, warm feet? Where I live this book isn't for sale, so can't browse through it.

Sophie_vf said...

hi biba - sort of! not the specific pattern, but the general instructions for the afterthought heel and the crenellated bind off came from that book. Although it took another Flickr member (littlemouseling) to show me how to actually DO the crenellated bindoff...I had misinterpreted the instructions when I first read them.

Andrea Rusin said...

I'm hooked. All my knitting buddies have one, and now I must, too. I just bought the book. Now if I can figure out the cast-on, I'm in business.

Seamus???? (I put mine down for Christmas knitting and it's still down. It'll come back!)