Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doing what I don't usually do, and kind of liking it

Even though I don't really do art journals, I have greatly enjoyed Tammy's recent posts at Daisy yellow, particularly her video Pastel Chaos in the Exacompta in which we see her create a double page spread and give her thoughts on the process. I love her emphasis on freeing oneself from artificially imposed rules, and focusing instead on an intuitive, playful approach to paints, ink and the blank page. Right away, you can see she's not scared of a blank page - making you realize that you don't need to be, either.

Another recent post, Art Journaling 101 for kids, teens and beginners  is a terrific introduction to useful materials and techniques without bogging the reader down with too much information or the need to go crazy shopping for every art material under the sun. If the bright images don't inspire you to start splashing paint around, then her contagious enthusiasm and encouragement will (and vice versa). All through her posts, you get the feeling that she just wants you to really be immersed in the process of creating something meaningful to you, something you can see and touch and feel on a physical page; something you made with your own hands. And that's important, in a world where an increasing proportion of images and text are ephemeral and electronic and created by someone else.

Art journaling may not be everyone's process but it's worth trying at least once, or twice, or any time the feeling hits. Most of us have the basics lying around the house anyway (particularly if, like me, you have accumulated an entire cupboard of art and craft materials). It's worth taking them out and taking the time to play.

And, see? even if I don't usually do the art journal thing, she made me want to try it again. So, I did.

summer's end


gypsy said...

Sophie, {{hugs}} to you and thank you for your kind words. Major congrats to you for opening up your journal and playing! And in purple, that's the icing on the cake. So keep creating and enjoy the last days of summer and the joyous colors of early fall.

Andria said...

Came here from Tammy's blog...your journal spread looks great: beautiful colors, great memories. I'm so glad it's a fun process for you, and I hope you'll want to keep it up!

Quiltin' Mama said...

Great post and thoughts.

iHanna said...

Rightful praise for a DaisyYellow blog, and so cool that you jumped into journaling. LIke your page!