Friday, August 26, 2011

Blueberry swirl

At last, helped along by several episodes of the British comedy Vicar of Dibley, I have finished and cast off this two-tone Shetland triangle wrap.
It still has to be blocked, but I always like the rippled look it has fresh off the needles.

This has been hanging out in my knitting bag for several months now, so I promised myself I'd finish it before starting a new project with the beautiful Madeline Tosh DK I got from my SIL Julie at Valley Yarn. Still looking for the right pattern, but I'm looking forward to a new project with new yarn.

blueberry swirl

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Julie (O-kami) said...

ooo - another knitter - I wish some of you wonderful knitters would come stay with me and teach me to knit. This is beautiful

Sophie_vf said...

thanks Julie. I need to get around to blocking it, but I need to make room so that the dogs won't walk all over it while it's drying!