Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer colour

summer colour, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
in answer to Stephanie's question about what drawing stuff one takes on holiday:

aquabee co-mo sketch pad
moleskine cahier (not that I think the paper is great, but the book is just the right size)
no. 12 rhodia gridded pad - I like the fact you can tear sheets out, and it's small enough to fit in a pocket
pigma micron pen
watercolor kit, filled with tube paint, mostly
neocolor II crayons
inktense pencils
a pencil that you can wash, (or whatever they're actually called - you can brush the lines with water)
pentel brush pen

Since I don't really do any heavy-duty finished art, on vacation or indeed at any other time, this is pretty much all I need and certainly versatile enough for me. I pretty much just draw what's around me and colour it in, but I do like having a couple of different types of coloring materials to play with. 

Conspicuously absent is the Exacompta basics sketchbook that I am normally so fond of, but at this time it's half full, and a bit bulky for travel. Also, I wanted to practice using paper I haven't used much lately, in this case the Aquabee Co-Mo sketch pad, which, like the Exacompta, is slightly textured and heavy enough for light washes. That's what everything is lying on in this picture, and if it weren't in a slightly annoying softcover, spiral bound format, I would probably use it a lot more often. I've sometimes thought of tearing the pages out and binding it myself, but that's a whole other project for another time. 

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