Friday, July 16, 2010

Holiday yarn

Holiday yarn, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
Yarn doesn't count when you buy it on holiday, and besides just this month I cleaned out my stash and got rid of the horrible novelty yarns (eyelash yarn, boucle, etc) that were taking up valuable room that could be taken up by this instead.

My heart always beats a little faster when my SIL Julie of Valley Yarn asks "do you want to see what I have in right now?". Even if she hadn't given me a beer first I would have still said yes :)

This is all sock yarn - Madeline Tosh in jade, Handmaiden Casbah in Masala (we think) and Fleece Artist Trail Sock in Hemlock. I was going to start winding them, but for now I think I will just keep them in a heap and pat them fondly as I walk by.  Meantime, I'm still thinking about some other skeins of softness I had the chance to pat, and it is unlikely I will make it home without this pile getting a little bit bigger. 

Also, this:

Whisper cardigan, WIP

I started working on this during the World Cup, because you really only want to be knitting stockinette and not taking your eyes off the screen. Finally it is starting to resemble an actual garment, and possibly the softer, squishiest garment I've made yet.

It's Hannah Fettig's Whisper Cardigan, in the Malabrigo Baby Merino I got two summers ago from Julie, and sat in my stash for a while till I found the right project for it. Even after World Cup, it is the ideal project to take on holiday, as it is easy to knit while talking to family, and dead easy stockinette that you can't make a mistake on, not even if your sister has brought out this. Oh, how I love the lower mainland.

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michele said...

oh GREAT choices on your holiday yarn! i love all the colors.

and your cardigan is really coming along. it looks as soft and lovely as it felt when i saw the beginnings of it.