Thursday, June 04, 2009


It is truly woeful how I have spent insufficient idleness on knitting. As of the beginning of this year, I have managed to knit exactly 3.9 socks, and 0.75 of a sweater. I could say that it is because of my crazy school schedule, and that wouldn't be untrue, exactly. But it's not the only reason. I do still have moments of idleness, but have probably spent more time taking pictures than knitting this particular semester.

A couple of reasons for this: I have always taken pictures, and can actually remember being 4 or 5 years old, taking the family camera and snapping pictures of my mom while she napped. She was understandably unimpressed, but from there, I did get a little 110 instamatic of some sort by the time I was 10, and have been busily recording relatively insignificant moments of my life since.

So, this year I decided to undertake Project 365, which I learned about through Flickr and Photojojo. A picture a day, no matter how boring your life gets. This is a considerable challenge, but also encourages me to learn to use my camera, and not just put it on Program and snap away. I always have, and still do, fiddle with the settings anyway; I just do it more, now.

a relatively recent mosaic:

April 2009 mosaic

and the full constantly updated photo diary set is at Flickr.

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Michele said...

really like your mosaic. last lecture ever sounds good.