Sunday, June 21, 2009

handspun lace ribbon scarf

handspun lace ribbon scarf, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.

I got together with my knitting friend Michele earlier this week, which prompted me to finally start plying some handspun that had been malingering since last August. I spin with an S twist, so I'm plying with a Z twist. Or wait - is that the other way around?

This is my first stab at handspun, so to say that it's irregular and variable in both twist and weight would be an understatement. So, she suggested the lace ribbon scarf as a good project for these small and irregular hanks of handspun. I'd had it in mind as a possibility, but it was good to get validation from someone with her eye and skill level.

So far I'm liking how it's working up. I have some concerns that it will start looking kind of funky when I change skeins as there is no uniformity in colour whatsoever, but I think I'm going to consider that a design feature.

Fibre is Blue-Faced Leicester roving bought at Knitopia in Langley BC, spun and plied on locally made handspindles bought at same location.

June 20.

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Michele said...

it looks really good - like it was made for this pattern