Saturday, March 10, 2007

I found the coolest thing

While peeking at the finished Dalarna's on a fellow KOTR knitter's blog, I found the coolest meme: Booking through Thursday.

Granted, these days I am more of a wanna-be reader, barely able to keep up with my own real life book club now that I am awash with reading for school. Still, books are such a big part of my life that anything bookish is irresistably attractive to me. How can I resist?

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do you lend your books to other people? If so, any restrictions?

    All the time. Most of the time, they're books I won't be too distressed to never see again - but I do prefer getting them back. Because my sibs live the next province over, we frequently have books on long-term loan from one another - like, a couple of years. It's common to walk into each other's houses on vacation and retrieve a book from their shelves - "Hey, ya done with this?"

  2. Do you borrow books from other people? (Friends or family—I'm not talking about the public library)

    Yes, often - especially within our very cheap book club, in which we endeavour to circulate a few copies through all the members.

  3. And, most importantly—do the books you lend/borrow get returned to their rightful owners??

    Most of the time - in the last few days I just loaned out one and got back four, though sometimes the balance is the other way around...

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