Sunday, March 04, 2007

An actual update, now with time travel

Part of the reason I haven't blogged in so long is that December was primarily given over to Christmas knitting, and I didn't want to give away what I was making for various nieces and nephew (singular). But, now that it's done,it can be shown!

Christmas knitting

Hmmm, it looks like a pitifully small pile considering the time spent on it. It's the felting that makes it look so small!
I cannot say I felt the love that other people seem to for the Fibertrends clogs. Perhaps working in the smaller sizes made it such a pain in the butt, because you needed a 16-20" circular for those, and the combination of the Boye needlemaster cables and the humongous size 13 needles hurt my hands. Maybe doing these in adult sizes are less aggravating. But the outcome is so cute, I don't regret making them, and they were well received.

The booties were a lot more fun to make, and less hard on the hands. I'd definately make them again.

The silk garden beret is actually the Last Minute Purled Beret, from Wendy at the Garter Belt, downsized for a child. The rainbow hat actually started out as a pinwheel blanket, but I soon realized that I would never get a blanket done before the little dude went off to college, thus the quick conversion into a hat.

And the dishcloths were my exercise in learning to throw yarn with my right hand, in case one day I might wish to learn two handed fairisle, which frankly I'm not motivated to do at the moment. I'm perfectly happy at knitting two colours in my left hand, which I've been doing most of this winter.


Larjmarj said...

I am making the fiber trends clogs right now but I don't have to worry about any small sizes in this house! They are HUGE. Just finished #1 and am getting ready to start #2

Anonymous said...

I love your knitting. The fiber trend clogs have been on a list of must makes for so long around here. Yours are lovely. You did an awful lot of knitting for Christmas. Congratulations on getting it all done up.

Dina said...

Wow, I really like the felted pair with the laces! That's the first time I've seen them -- usually it's just the clogs. Makes me want to try felting stuff on purpose now :)