Monday, September 04, 2006

Unst socks

Unst socks
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just the facts:
Nancy Bush's "Unst" from "Knitting on the Road"
knit August 11 - August 30
2 socks on 2 circs, size 1 Addi circs
Fortissima Socka

I've decided I really dislike knitting 2 at a time, as having two balls of yarn really annoys me. I don't get them tangled or confused or anything, but for me the charm of knitting socks is their compactness and portability, and the two balls sort of negates that. This is a really fast knit, but it took me a relatively long time because I only worked on them in front of the TV (and I don't spend a lot of time in front of the TV).

However, since my gauge problems with Hedera a few months ago (not the patterns fault!) and getting two socks of different sizes, I thought I'd better knit these together to make sure they matched. And match they do, despite the wonky photo. But I think that if I have worries about gauge the next time, I'll knit one cuff, then the other, etc instead, and right after another rather than waiting a few weeks as I did with Hedera.

The Fortissima socka is rougher than other Fortissima yarns I've used. I don't know why. The sock did soften up after blocking, and should be comfortable after a few wearings.


Jeanne said...

Great socks - I just looked at this pattern the other night. I think I'll make them now that I see how nice they come out.

astridpersons said...

how many socks can one own?: thats what my husband asks me. But he has no knowledge of the excisting of the the master of sockknitting universe: you. My god:what a knitting production. You should count your socks at:
humble greetings from Holland,