Sunday, September 10, 2006


toe up heel flap
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I started this toe-up sock in Koigu a few days ago, partly because I wanted to practice the same type of toe-up heel I used for the Anastasia socks. It's based on the heel from Knitty's Widdershins, but knit more to the formula that the designer gives in her extremely useful blog notes.

You can see the gusset increases, and where the side of the flap attaches to the gusset stitches. The join is much neater when you actually do the slipped stitch heel, which I forgot when I knit the Anastasia socks.

I love having heel alternatives! The jury's still out, since I haven't actually worn this heel yet (the Anastasia socks were for my daughter) but I really like the shape and look of this one.

Another view from the back:
toe-up heel flap

In progress notes:
2.75mm Brittany DPNs
60 stitches, beginning with magic cast-on of 10 each side
At ankle, increase till there are enough stitches for 15 gusset stitches each side, 18 sole stitches
(48 stitches for gusset and sole, 30 stitches for instep)
Turn heel by using YO short rows and increases to 30 true stitches for the sole, which now becomes the heel flap
Begin heel slip stitch as heel flap is joined to the gussets

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Opal said...

I just adore that Koigu colour. I have the Anastasia and the Widdershins on my list of Socks To Do.