Saturday, June 24, 2006

Icarus in flight

I finished my pet project, the Icarus shawl from Interweave summer 06 a few weeks ago, but it's only lately that I've managed to get pictures wearing it. The weather has been crappy - thunderstorms, rainshowers, and wind. But it finally got nice enough - and I worked up the nerve - to take it off the back of the sofa and wear it.

so huge!

It's gigantic! Something like a 76" wingspan and 36" down the spine, it pretty much dwarfs me. Because I'm going to end up sitting on the tail if I wear it normally:

I'd end up sitting on the tail

I think it will end up much better wrapped:

less girly, more medieval

so girly

And then of course the matador shot, lest I am trapped in a field with a mad bull:

the matador shot

Most of my progress was blogged at the Icarus Knitalong:

cast on

in progress

beginning lace charts

finished and blocked

pattern: Icarus Shawl designed by Miriam Felton, Interweave summer 06
yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr wool/silk, in Mahogany
size 3 Boye needlemaster circs
knit May 25-June 12
diverted by audiobook The Thirteen gun salute, by Patrick O'Brian
and the opening games of the World Cup

I received much help and assistance from fellow knitters at the Icarus Shawl KAL. It made it really fun, and it was really motivating to have people to knit along with. Thanks everyone!

I must also point to this post by a fellow KAL'er: scroll down to see the beautiful WH Auden poem Musee de Beaux Arts, and Breughel's painting of Icarus falling into the see. OK, I admit, kind of a downer. But still, a really evocative and mythical name for the shawl.


Lori said...

Wow! It's beautiful! I have some red laceweight waiting in the wings for this!

kathy in Juneau said...

I found my way to you through the Icarus KAL blog. (I've been lurking there as I gain courage to start my own shawl.)

Your shawl is beautiful, really, REALLY lovely. I'm not a huge shawl wearer either, but I think it's time to change all that...

May I ask, do you know approximately how much yarn you used? I have a smallish cone I'd like to use to make a smaller Icarus, and I'm fretting that it might not be enough.

Emma said...

Ooh, it's so beautiful! Fantastic job.

Jacqui said...

Oh that is gorgeous! And I really like the colour you chose. Very nice work!

astridpersons said...

good job sophie! I like it best when you wear it "wrap-style"

knittingajour said...

You/ve made a beautifull Icarus. The colour is deep and rich, and I like the wrapped pic the most. Do you think its possible to make this pattern in cotton?

Loretta_S said...

Sophie, that is insanely gorgeous!! I love everything about it, the color, the lace, the way it looks on you.

OCDeviant said...

That is so incredibly beautiful! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow it turned out so amazing. Great work.

Sophie_vf said...

Thanks all.
@Kathy, I used something between 900 and 1000 yards of Zephyr. I was left with about half a small 2 oz cake when I was done.

@knittingajour - I'm sure it can be done in cotton. The weight in cotton might be really nice.