Friday, April 16, 2010

Light in the West

west window, originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
I had an "eep"! moment when I saw that the  Quo Vadis blog sent out a tweet (tweeted? twitted?) mentioning a couple of folks, including myself, who have contributed to the Exaclair and Art Flickr page. I immediately felt the kick in the butt I needed to scan in some older sketches.

I've mentioned elsewhere that I draw in church (and have also lost many drawing pens there - I've looked under the pews, no luck) but hesitate a bit to post those sketches, lest they be perceived to have gratuitous Catholic content. But it's part of my day, and this one isn't too much in your face.

Anyway, here's something more secular: a rough map of my work environs and the fastest route to relevant locations such as my supervisor's office and coffee. 
Drawn at the end of last month, as one of Daisy Yellow's March Creative Experiments.



Heather said...

Thanks for posting these. I love the colours and simple design of the first sketch, and also how it spills over onto both pages of the spread, which is something I need to work on doing more of myself. And I like that you have labelled "bookstore, paper & pens" on your map. Certainly an important place to know!

Sophie_vf said...

I have bought far in excess of my needs at the bookstore here, even if the selection is a bit meagre. If you're on the campus I'm guessing you're at - you must be dizzy with all the choices!