Thursday, December 07, 2006

Iris Garden socks, done!

Iris Garden socks, done!
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I actually got these done over the weekend, but I was waiting for the right light to get a picture. It's still not the right light - the true colours are a lot warmer than this. But, whatever.

pattern: Iris Garden socks by Rae Blackedge for the Six Sox Knitalong
yarn: Trekking XXL 105, KP Essential in Navy
2.75 mm Britanny DPN's, from the end of November to the beginning of December?

I modified the pointy-ish heel with more decreases earlier in the heel section and kitchenered off at 14 stitches for a perfect fit. I also found that for a longer sock like the version I did, it would probably have been better to increase the stitch number at the letter chart for a better fit in the calf - but I'll save that for next time.
I'm sorely tempted to knit this again, next time as a mitten (it fits my hand almost perfectly!) and with a different design plugged in for the back of the hand.

They're warm and cushy, and completely covered up by boots and pants, so nobody can see them, but hey! they feel good.

Rae wrote an impeccably written and charted pattern. I have long admired the socks in the book "Eastern Socks and Stockings" (Priscilla Gibson Roberts) but never got bold enough to try one, and now that Rae's excellent instructions have walked me through the construction of a Turkish style sock, my confidence is much increased.


Kate A. said...

Stunning! That is some magnificent colorwork!

Jeanne said...

The socks are beautiful! Really - great job!

bradyphrenia said...

they look absolutely gorgeous. i love the colors you chose.

astridpersons said...

great idea: the combination of yarns: less ends to weave in!
They look a little oriental. Great job!

Dina said...

Ooh, these are really nice socks. I enjoy looking at your color knitting and shawls ... very inspiring :)

eve knits said...

Those socks are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

eve knits said...

Those socks are BEAUTIFUL!!!

fibergal said...

Wow, saw them on Ravelry and instantly queued them. Love your color selection.