Sunday, March 12, 2006

Eleanor Interrupted

I knit the final tiers for my Lady Eleanor enterelac stole last night, finishing up most of the ninth skein of Noro silk garden and completing something like 37 tiers in total. So why don't I want to finish it?

Eleanor interrupted

For one thing, part of me looks at this stole and thinks "that's a lot of silk garden I could have made into a jacket". Or, somewhat heretically, "I would like this a whole lot better if it were a Clapotis". And somewhat ironically, it was trying to resist the lure of another Clapotis that started me on the Lady Eleanor project. I've been wearing one of my three Clapotis almost constantly through fall and winter, and often thought I'd want one in a more rustic colour, with lots of browns and blues. But it seemed like crazy talk to make a fourth Clappy, so logically, another large scarf that could be worn like a shawl or stole made so much more sense.

Enter Lady Eleanor, which has appeared in so many wonderful and stunning versions in Silk Garden that I was convinced it was a the right project for me.

I loved knitting this. I loved the clear directions in Scarf Style that made entrelec so easy to learn, the entertainment of learning to knit backwards to avoid turning, and watching the colour changes. But now that I have the (almost) finished product, I'm balking at completing it.

I'm just not convinced I'll wear it that often. It doesn't curl up softly around the neck like a Clapotis does. The entrelec fabric is much more textured and robust, and though beautifully thick and springy, just doesn't feel as comfortable to me. And as beautiful as the fringe would be, I can just imagine catching it on any number of door knobs or cupboard handles.

So, what to do? I'm tempted to rip it right away and convert it into a jacket. But just looking at it lying there so pretty and innocent, I'll grant her a reprieve, and think it over a little more.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Oh, your lady eleanor is so pretty! I had the same feelings about mine and then I started to wear her and it just worked. She's big but the silk garden warps around the neck so well. I don't wear her as a shawl, unless I'm lounging around the house. have you tried to wrap her around your neck to see what it looks like? Snap a pic of yourself and see. My favorite way to wear her is just wrapped around the neck and thrown over my shoulder.

You have three clapotis already, do you really want a 4th? Though the clapotis is a very cool scarf! :)

Just Me said...

Hi there,

I popped over after seeing your post on KR, your LE is really beautiful. I am working on one now and can't imagine frogging it even now and I am not even 1/2 done, I can't imagine how you must feel, debating the idea. What ever you decide, you created something beautiful, and if something as large as LE isn't for you, perhaps an etrelac scarf like Danica is more for you, or a LE of a softer yarn. As I work, I often think, "boy I hope this softens up" cuz it's not "that" soft. Mine is Kureyon, which I think is even less soft than silk garden. I am already planning another entrelac project though, with Manos I think, that will surely be more cuddly!

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Wendy said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your Lady E! She is BEAUTIFUL! Remember...she's NOT a scarf...she's a STOLE. I hope you don't frog her because the colors are great and she's a work of art!!

aka ScubaQueen @ knitters review :)

frog happens said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Maybe washing it will help soften it up a bit? I hope you don't decide to rip it... :)

Tallguy said...

No, I wouldn't rip! -- am I too late already? But I will almost never rip anything.... I have been known to tink, but that is as far as I go!

Why not finish it properly, take it to some really nice places, and let someone "buy" it from you, and then you can go and get more of that Silk Garden to make what you really want.

Best deal, everyone wins!